Design, arrangement and certification of pistes

Analysis of the compliance of pistes with safety rules.
Design, arrangement and certification of pistes.
Artificial coating of slopes.

Design, installation, maintenance and operation of ski pistes are carried out in accordance with the Rules for the safety of the installation, safe operation and maintenance of ski slopes, as well as DBN B.2.2-13-2003. Sports and fitness facilities.

Each ski piste that is used for sports or recreational purposes must have a passport that is designed and issued by a proper institution.
Horizont AL company performs:

Research and analysis of conformity of existing pistes to the requirements of safety

  • geodetic survey (update) of the slope;
  • relief studies, reveal of avalanche dangerous sites;
  • landscape studies, fixation of the piste on the area;
  • estimation of the profile, reveal of unsafe sections;
  • development of a ground plan with anchoring to the area;
  • development of a profile;
  • determining the parameters of the piste (length, height drop, width and gradient of separate sections);
  • classification of the piste by complexity;
  • analysis of compliance of the piste with the requirements of the Safety Rules.

Design of ski pistes

  • choice of location of the piste;
  • geodetic survey of the relief;
  • construction of a longitudinal profile of the piste;
  • development of a plan for relief and soil masses;
  • development of snowmaking plan;
  • development of the project for a piste with artificial carpets;
  • development of the project of lighting of the piste;
  • development of safety elements, information facilities and marking.

Passportization of ski pistes

Conditioning and registration of a piste including:

  • the plan and profile of the piste, its fixation within the terrain;
  • characteristics of the piste: length, width (or width of sections if there are), height drop;
  • characteristics of the surface;
  • information on unsafe sections;
  • classification of the piste according to its complexity;
  • plane of drainage and water evacuation;
  • scheme of avalanche-danger sections;
  • layout of snowmaking equipment, protective and other structures and buildings along ​​the piste;
  • layout of safety nets, barriers and mats;
  • list of safety measures on the piste.

Supplying of pistes by artificial carpets

To ensure the operation of a ski area in conditions of insufficient natural snow it is proposed to cover the piste with an artificial plastic carpets.

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