Technical and operational documentation development

Development of documentation for purchased or manufactured equipment, parts and assemblies of rope installations.

The company Horizont AL develops a complete set of technical and operational documentation that is needed for commissioning of equipment, project, montage and repair work, as well as passports for ski pistes for sports or recreational skiing.

Documentation for rope transport installation

According to the Rules of Construction and Safe Operation of Passenger Rope Roads, each imported from abroad or manufactured in Ukraine and installed ropeway equipment must be provided with certain technical and operational documentation:

  • passport;
  • operational manual;
  • other documentation provided in ropeway specifications.

In addition separately manufactured mechanisms, metal structures (cross bars, mast columns, masts in general, etc.) as well as safety devices must have appropriate quality documents of manufacturer.
Those documents should include requirements, indices and standards to be met by components and a rope installation generally, requirements for welding quality and defect indices taking into account requirements of the Rules and Regulations; safety requirements, an order of acceptance of the components, information on metals and welding materials used in the manufacture, reconstruction or repair should be included as well..
Documents for manufacture, installation, reconstruction and repair of rope installations or their individual components must be coordinated with Derzhpratsi of Ukraine.

The following documents must be submitted to the Commission for the commissioning of new or updated rope installations:

  • passport of the rope installation;
  • rope certificates or test data;
  • passports and acts on equipments;
  • acts on hidden works for constructions;
  • acts on fixing the metal structures of stations and masts to foundations;
  • the act on socketing, if any;
  • the act on rope splice;
  • the act of weighing or measuring of the counterweight;
  • test acts of towing devices;
  • acts of acceptance testing of electrical and electronic equipment;
  • the act of testing the rope installation.

Documentation of ski pistes

In accordance with the Rules for the safety of the arrangement, safe operation and maintenance of ski pistes for each ordered ski track used for sports or recreational skiing, the design organization is issued a passport containing:

  • the plan and profile of the piste, its fixation within the terrain;
  • characteristics of the piste: length, width (or width of sections if there are), height drop;
  • characteristics of the surface;
  • information on unsafe sections;
  • classification of the piste according to its complexity;
  • plane of drainage and water evacuation;
  • scheme of avalanche-danger sections;
  • layout of snowmaking equipment, protective and other structures and buildings along ​​the piste;
  • layout of safety nets, barriers and mats;
  • list of safety measures on the piste.

Expert consulting services. Staff training

Expert services and consultations.
Practical training of the staff.

Horizont AL as a specialized company having necessary permits of Derzhpratsi of Ukraine provides on-site training and consultations for the staff of the rope installation. Training is carried out by highly qualified and experienced experts.

We offer expert services and consultations on:

  • evaluation of an area as to its development for ski sport and recreation;
  • matching of proper rope transport installations;
  • purchase of rope transport installation;
  • condition of used installations;
  • rules for the construction and safe operation of rope transport installation;
  • corresponding of existing pistes to the requirements of safety;
  • arrangement of ski pistes;
  • certification of ski pistes.

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