Landscape-spatial planning

Comprehensive study of an area. Pre-project proposals (master plan, concept) for ski areas and resorts.

Materials form a basis for developments of business plans, documents for land acquisition, strategic environmental assessment (STEO), development of detailed site plans (DSP), calculations of the load on the environment, development of master plans, further design and construction works, assessments of necessary investments.

Works on resort planning include:

  • comprehensive analysis of the terrain on possibility and effectiveness to create and develop ski facilities;
  • special studies for the optimal use of the area resources, accounting and assessment of the area capacity, taking into account the permissible loads on the area;
  • recommendations on complex development of the area and infrastructure, optimal volume of investments, minimum operating costs to maximize business efficiency;
  • comprehensive analysis of natural and urban conditions of the area that is potentially suitable for winter and summer recreation;
  • project proposal for the planning structure of the area (ski arena);
  • proposals on stages of development of the area;
  • information on existing equipment for ski areas.

The developed method of planning and organization of ski and recreational areas using digital models, geo-information technologies, physical-geographical analysis of the area, analysis of urban planning conditions and landscape-planning formation of recreational objects makes it possible to simplify design and construction, successfully start your business.

The development of ski arena plans is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Rules for the safety of the arrangement, safe operation and maintenance of ski slopes. and DBN B.2.2-13-2003. Sports and fitness facilities.

Field studies, altitude planning, and recreational area planning are developed with reference to coordinates. That is why the developed plans provide easy identification of the projected sites within the area.

Landscape-spatial planning is carried out in close collaboration with the company AKD (Lviv), Institute of Geodesy of the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Geographical Faculty of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Our Spatial Planning Objects

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