Andrii Lawitskyi

Dr. Sci. (tech.)


Was born 6 August 1946 in Lviv. In 1964 he has graduated from a secondary school in Lviv.

 Family status

Married. Daughter, four grandchildren.


1964-1969 – Mechanic and technology Faculty of the Lviv Technical University.

1971-1974 – Lviv Technical University, post-graduate course.

Doctor degree (tech.), dissertationStudy of multi-span ropes during their operation in circular rope installations”.

2001 – corresponding member of the Ukrainian Lifting-Transport Academy.

 Professional activity

1962-1964 – Lviv Bus Plant, laboratory assistant.

1969-1971 – Lviv Bus Plant, engineer.

His high interest to mechanics and enthusiasm to mountain trips was compromised by work with transport rope systems.

1975-1986 – teaching and scientific work in Lviv Technical University.

1986-1997 – teaching and scientific work in Lviv Forestry University

During that time few ski lifts 15-55 kW in power were designed under his management.

1988 – Scientific-technical co-operative “Horizont” has been grounded (since 1994 – Private company “Horizont AL”).

 Practical experience

1968-1976 – technical management, planning and building of the rope transport network in ski resort Slavsko, Lviv region.  Firstly drilling piles were used for fundaments of the rope installation. For ski lifts the fundament-loss masts were applied being still in operation.

December 1989 according to the project of Dr. Lawitskyj of the first Ukrainian ski lift in Yablunitsa, Ivan Franko region village has been fabricated and mounted.   

He built ski resorts in Kostrina, Vorokhta, Pylypets, Polyanytsya and other places in the Ukrainian Carpathians as well as in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, totally about 60 chairlifts and ski lifts.

He is co-author and chief of the System of automatic projecting of rope installations. Also took a part in planning of ski resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Co-author of the Ukrainian “Rules on building and safety operation of ski lifts”.

He initiated introducing of the nature- and energy saving technologies in building rope transport systems in the Carpathians.

 Publications, languages

Over 30 scientific and technical publications, 2 patents.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish.

  L’viv,  Naukova   str.  5-A,   of. 329          Tel./Fax:   +38 (032) 2976360          e-mail:
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